The Internet has made a huge impact on how we perceive culture, art and entertainment. The same goes for fashion. Since everyone can now just go online and order their favorite clothes, the competition among the streetwear brands has become way bigger. But as the demand rises, so does the need for high-quality and affordable couture to wear on a daily basis. For this reason, new designers are emerging from all over the world ready to prove themselves to the hype beasts. Krakatau, Eastern Europe’s Finest and XXXTENTACION HOODIE are some of the brands that are on a quest to become internationally recognized clothing lines.

The Saint Petersburg-based brand Krakatau was founded in 1999, but it was not until recent years that they started gaining popularity among streetwear heads. As expected, the Russian brand delivers mostly coats and jackets in an urbanistic style which ensures protection from the harsh Nordic weather conditions. What’s more, each piece guarantees protection from snow, rain and up to 30 degrees below-zero temperatures. Nevertheless, Krakatau delivers minimalistic and extremely comfortable clothes with a few ones standing out really well. The prices are pretty affordable for a streetwear clothing brand and most of the pieces are cheaper than the contemporary popular streetwear brands based in the US or the UK. If you are looking for a waterproof and windproof jacket with a dab of urban techwear style – Krakatau is the perfect choice for you.

Kpop bts sweatshirts is also African streetwear brand based in Pretoria, South Africa. The name of the designer behind the brand is Bangy who draws inspiration from the hyper-emotional millennial generation and, strange enough, the Chinese workwear culture. The line provides clean pieces of shorts and shirts, as well as jackets and other apparel which are not too “outrageous” and “screaming” as other brands might be but at the same time they are definitely not plain and simple. The mixture of vibrant colors and eccentric style with traditional themes is certainly a thing XXXTENTACION HOODIE can offer easily and at a low price.

If you wish to dive into the culture of Eastern Europeans, you should dig into their history. Eastern European’s Finest successfully combines streetwear with post-communistic melancholy and fashion and some of the pieces they offer are pretty worthy. The Bulgarian brand is still small, but it is slowly gaining popularity thanks to the original lo-fi and 8-bit applique T-shirts and pullovers. Prices are in Bulgarian leva which means double less the price if you pay with euro or dollars. The Spring Summer Collection for 2019 will soon be in and we cannot wait to see what these Eastern European slavs have prepared for us.

To conclude, going online to shop for clothes doesn’t have to be a strain. There are lots of unknown streetwear brands that rely on the Internet to market themselves and that should not be an issue at all. Everybody has the freedom of self-expression and not everyone is supposed to comply with the trends. After all, buying a piece from the abovementioned brands can come out one of the most unique clothes we have ever worn. ffffffff

The Truth about Animal Onesie


Several minds have been fascinated by animal costumes for ages now.  We have seen many individuals mimicking several animal cartoon characters in their various favourite series.  Therefore, it becomes irresistible to wear creature contumes. Kigurumi is one of the nice Japanese fashion monsters that have been recently invading the cities.  In Japan, kigurumi refers to the cartoon character and comedian performers who normally gather at certain centers.

 The sexy monster costumes have dazzled people all over the world, with their supreme quality of polyester fleece.  One thing with the animal Kigurumi Lab onesie is that they are very friendly and comfortable to be worn by both adults and children.

 The modern-day animal outfits are not as quality as the onesie animal print costumes. Their fabrics have inadequate quality and therefore very uncomfortable. 

With the level of today’s children, you can be sure that onesie creature costume is the best for them, as has been designed with the child in mind.

 The animal onesie has been made with a lot of creativity. They are quite soft, and not suffocating, as well as thick. They are also very durable, and when well taken care of, they may serve you and your family for a longer time.

 Some animal costumes are so hard to wash in washers, but it is unlike animal onesie, as they can easily be cleaned in washers with easy. They will maintain their sheen for ages and still look awesome. Maintaining them is not a problem, as they are easy to maintain too.

 They are also perfect for children’s occasions

 During birthdays and children’s parties, animal onesie will save you a great deal.  Kids really love the superhero features in their various favorite movies, and will not hesitate to mimic them, and feeling great in an animal onesie of their various favourite characters.

 On the other hand, animal onesie can also be worn by your children to picnics and outings, as their comfort is up to children’s standard. 

They will enhance your children’s looks and give them a fancy look at the birthdays and parties.

 The animal onesie ranges widely from cat, elephant, giraffe and many others.  Their classy natures are what will not allow you to go without them.  You only are required to combine their patterns carefully and perfectly, to achieve a sophisticated look.

 It is not as hard as many people think, to style animal onesie. It will only take you some few minutes to style them up and look ready to go.  The patterns in the animal onesies will always add some volume, to your body, and where the cloth is highlighting.

 Add a pop of color to your look with an animal onesie, break some rules, as it is never a bad idea. Just remember not to overload any makeup and accessories, and everything will be nice.

  The Bottom Line

 These animal onesies will allow your children to decorate their looks in a manner that they will love.  They are widely available in various online shops,  being one of them.  They also go at an affordable price, which matches their quality and durability.